Zarina Hashmi

Making maps was a natural consequence for the life of a traveller. When maps were not available, I would draw my own from the books at the library. Maps became a necessity to chart my route and find my destination. Studying maps, I became aware of borders. The first border I drew was the border between India and Pakistan, the dividing line that split families, homes and the fabric of life of millions of people. I have often been questioned about the map I used to draw the border. Perhaps I distributed territory incorrectly. I didn’t have to look at the map; that line is drawn on my heart. I have crossed many borders, they affect people who have lived the separation. I continue to work with geographical maps and not just maps that had person significance but also maps of regions played by ethnic conflicts

Source: Catalogue ‘Zarina Hashmi I Recent work’ (2011) at Gallery 17:space. New Delhi.