Saba Iqbal

My grandfather, Major Ibn e Hassan Sharique, grew up in Delhi and after the partition. opted to move to Karachi. The following story is from the 1950’s, when he had joined the army in the education core and was posted in Malir cantonment in Karachi.

One evening he was sipping his tea in the lawn when a gleaming car with an Indian flag drove into his drive way. He could not believe his eyes that it was his dear friend Roop Chand from St. Stephen’s College Delhi. Mr. Chand was now the Indian ambassador to Pakistan. Both the friends bonded and enjoyed their time together, having met after so so long. The next day grandfather was summoned to the headquarters for an explanation as to why an Indian national and that too the ambassador, was allowed into the cantonment area? He would have had to bear serious consequences had not brigadier Pinto, a British senior in command, stepped in to save him. The brigadier stood his ground to support that no partition line can stop two old best friends from meeting each other!