Rahat Masud

Rahat, Dr. Karam Ilahi was the father of your maternal grandmother. He worked in those days in Amritsar at the Government hospital as a doctor as well as an administrator. I am told that he was the reason why peace prevailed in that overcrowded house. Such was his wisdom and character. An often-replayed anecdote in the family is about the visit of the Crown Prince (the current queen’s grandfather) to India. He was scheduled to visit the hospital to see for himself the quality of healthcare being offered. Upon his visit, your great grandfather who was also my ‘dada’ (my paternal grandfather) had lined up all 8 of his kids to introduce them to the royal dignitary. Two of the eight kids were extremely fair with blue eyes. To everyone’s amusement, the Prince asked your grandfather if they had a British mother?

(Narrated to Rahat Masud by her maternal aunt lilala’ Naseem e Sahar)