Paramjit Singh

I was twelve years old when Punjab got divided and the land of my childhood became a foreign country. My father, Jagat Singh’s side was from wazirabad and mother Gyan Kaurs, from Lahore. There are many childhood memories from Layallpur, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Peshawar and Multan but Lahore I remember the most Dabbi Bazar, Chowk Surjan Singh where my nanka was and Krishna Nagar where my uncle lived. I was eight years old when I became short-sighted, so I had to visit many eye doctors in Lahore and Amritsar. A visit to a Muslim eye specialist I remember the most. when I, along with my father. reached the doctors bungalow, a beautiful girl of about sixteen years wearing a KNEE-HIGH FROCK was sitting in the verandah reading the newspaper Civil and Military Gazette, which was published in Lahore. The World War II was on then. She was the doctor’s daughter who guided us to the clinic in the house. The doctor in a pathani dress wearing a turban with a big Turla did a thorough check up of my eyes and said “aine chhote munday nu ainak tey laganee paiyegee”. Hearing this my father became really sad, as it was unthinkable for a little boy in those days to wear specs. So, in Lahore I got my first ainak from Haji ji’s optical shop.