Muhammad Zeeshan

Our father’s older brother Muhammad Shafi, worked in the military and had convinced the family to take the train from their home in Revari, which was being followed by a military convoy. That way. he ensured that all family members would reach Pakistan safely.

My paternal grandparents left the house as is, with all their belongings there. My grandfather did remember to let loose their buffaloes. The station was thronging with crowds fleeing for Pakistan. The journey to Pakistan was an emotional turmoil for all of us. were terrified every time the train would stop. not knowing what fate awaited us. However, we managed to reach Mir Pur Khas safely. My Grandfather did not take to the small village and decided to go further to Hyderabad.

I remember descending the train and being submerged into a sea of refugees. We found a place under a tree in a garden and slept two nights under the unfamiliar Pakistani skies. Three days later was Eid but there was no food to be found. We celebrated Eid with boiled rice among all family members. It was a celebration of being alive and being together as we turned over the page.

(Narrated to Muhammad Zeeshan by his father Muhammad Jameel)