Muhammad Atif Khan

Both of my parents, father, Muhammad Idris Khan and mother Rabya Kishwar, were born in a small town named Gudiyani (90km towards West from New Delhi). They spent their childhood and teenage there until they got married and moved to New Delhi, for my father’s job. They lived over there for a few years until the partition of British India. Then they migrated to the newly formed state, Pakistan where they spent the rest of their lives.

My mother always talked about a Sufi saint Klan Munna Sahib whose shrine was equally respected among local Muslims and Hindus of Gudiyani. Since her childhood, my mother used to visit and pray there. She believed that lost things will be found if one prays a ‘Manatt‘ to Allah on behalf of His beloved saint Mian Munna Sahib. I feel that my mother believed in that prayer so deeply that I never saw her in want for anything. She was always complete and happy from within.